Furniture, washbasins and panels that sanitize and purify the air for a healthy environment.

Have you ever thought of bringing “vitamins” to the air in your home?


ECOOVER® Design has developed an innovative and unique line of bathroom furnishings for your home that express, through the excellence of materials, the exclusive finishes and their precious details, all the values that the company wants to offer with unique and tailored items.

The ECOOVER® Design project has the specific vision of improving the quality of life inside the house while respecting people and the environment also through an ACTIVE ANTIBACTERIAL and IONIZING action, which purifies the air in a natural way with no energy consumption.

  • The antibacterial and ionizing system derives from the close collaboration with OLTREMATERIA®, one of our best partners and suppliers. The company has invented the ECOPUR® technology, an extraordinary combination of Design, Wellness and innovative Materials.
  • ECOOVER® Design furnishings and accessories help purify the air from pollutants, germs, bacteria, smog and bad smells in a natural way.
  • Each piece of furniture, washbasin or panel will act like a big tree bringing WELLNESS to your home.
  • The active ionizing and antibacterial effect has been proven by prestigious external laboratories, following the most rigorous regulations to certify its effectiveness.
  • The antibacterial action is obtained thanks to a mixture of silver ions that allow to block and eliminate the growth and proliferation of bacteria. The active antibacterial action does not consume energy, does not require any external stimulation and works even in the dark, permanently, 24 hours a day.
  • Air ionization occurs thanks to a mixture of various natural inerts that are activated naturally by the air, thanks to the presence of oxygen and small electromagnetic fields. Ionization cuts down atmospheric dust, bacteria, smog, harmful substances and activates the oxygen molecules in the air, making it purer and healthier.



We only strive for the best quality, our strength is your well-being !!!

Pollutants reduction


No bad smells

No moulds

Ionizing effect